"Schooling for tomorrow, Schooling for tradition!"

(Affiliated to CBSE, Reg. No. 230146)


Borbori, Gadhuli Bazar, Ghy-17

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Mission Statement

  • SJS will inspire the students the philosophy of true education and human empowerment.

  • SJS is constantly working towards achieving a goal where every learner is developed with the identity that defines his/her personality and enhances the creativity within his/her domain.

  • SJS aspires to achieve greater efficiency to enhance young minds towards vibrant ideas and creativity.

  • SJS's greater priority is to give maximum exposure to students to showcase their skill and potential in every aspect of life to see the child grow acquiring every quality of life.

  • SJS will emphasis on Life skills and moral education on daily basis with equal importance when compared with other activities on the ideas which are devotional towards the environment and human sustainability.

  • SJS will emphasis on educating the learners about the social fabric and cultural diversity of India. This model grooms individuals towards the idea of India and its ideologies. We believe that our students will successfully endorse India's values and ideologies to the world. We are endeavoring to craft them as individuals who will uphold country's integrity and pride to the very last fight.

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