"Schooling for tomorrow, Schooling for tradition!"

(Affiliated to CBSE, Reg. No. 230146)


Borbori, Gadhuli Bazar, Ghy-17

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Welcome to the destination where education is imparted, with devotion from heart, where ideologies are derived, from scriptures, where legacies are carried forward, and motivations weighed on fulfilled goals, where ambition keeps your track intact and keeps you moving on

Founder Principal's Desk

WHAT makes human being so special among all other living creatures is the quality of brain execution where understanding and interpretation take place. Thus an individual needs to focus on a growth which thinks of being in a better society respecting each other's feelings and also being in equilibrium with the nature and its creation....



The fundamental strength of a thing is very important for it to last and throw an illuminating impression. The same thing is proven in science as in the case of a molecular bond. What I believe is the importance of primary education for an individual's growth, and that can be fulfilled by having a strong base during the formal education at school.


Trustee Desk

Thank you for your trust and faith in SJS. The school's aim has been to get your child to fulfill their potential as interesting and interested young men/women who will leave a positive legacy to their school and make their positive mark in the world. As with all educational institutions of quality, SJS can never be taken away from your son



The school introduces an integrated science Laboratory (Chemistry/Physics/Biology) at the grass-root level as to inject the concept of science in them and grow a strong base as per as the subjects is concerned. We want our students to grow up with all modern ideas.


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