"Schooling for tomorrow, Schooling for tradition!"

(Affiliated to CBSE, Reg. No. 230146)


Borbori, Gadhuli Bazar, Ghy-17

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About School

Here at "St. Joseph's School" we understand what it takes to keep a pace with the time and respond as per its constraint. Thus we have developed a curriculum which meets all requirement of modern educational structure. Our system not only aims at competing at national standard but also swank of a better performance at international level as well.

We aim to create and maintain a caring, supportive and stimulating environment in which every child in its care can achieve his/her potentialities. The school is dedicated to the ideas of quality education, social change, career guidance, information technology, secular traits, etc. We dedicatedly work to strengthen a child mentally, physically, scientifically, spiritually and on moral grounds. It aims to mould a child to face new social changes with a scope of further creative development.

Your child will be taught to appreciate and learn the following qualities as the basic skill:
1.  Positive attitudes towards learning and developing good citizenship.
2.  Emotional and social development.
3.  Mathematical and scientific development and application in daily life.
4.  Moral, ethical, Spiritual and national ethos.
5.  Musical appreciation and culture development and traditional preservation.
6.  Personality and Character development so as to groom him/her as an efficient leader of the society.
7.  Constructive outlook to the society and acceptance of individual feelings.

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